So long, sweet summer

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Shellfish, seashells and sun.

Summer came and went quicker than I could have ever imagined this year. It was a good one, though. On our second annual trip to Shelter Island, I learned how to shuck oysters -- an important skill if I do say so myself. I didn't travel too far, but had plenty of beach days (thank goodness for summer Fridays).
Hopefully, I'm now the shade of Pauly D.

One can dream.



After 1,000 days at the New York Daily News (yes, exactly 1,000), I decided to move on to a different venture.

At the end of May, I joined the Marketing Strategy team at Viacom as what you could call an "in-house features reporter." I'll be covering what's happening at Viacom's various brands, like MTV, BET, Nick, Comedy Central and more -- so hopefully that means some Jersey Shore!

I'm still picking up freelance reporting gigs here and there, so pass anything my way!

Fingers crossed, I guess.


Shelter Island


Another escape from the city. 

I could not believe what a lovely place Shelter Island turned out to be. I didn't even know it existed! An interesting mix of plush greenery and beaches.

Luckily, we found an awesome boat trip with Capt. John and grabbed a chance to view this sweet sunset from the middle of the water.



My new home ❤️


After a long time living in New Jersey (basically my entire life), I moved to south Brooklyn a few months ago (no, not the hip part). 

While I may not be surrounded by fancy cocktail bars and five-star eateries - I do have this and oh, how sweet it is in the summer!

I went to a concert and no one held up their phones -- WTF?

The generational gap is real.

I saw Pixies (formed in the '80s) last night at Brooklyn Steel and the crowd skewed considerably older... I'm talking 50s and 60s. 

And what did I realize while I was there? Well, despite an actual line for the bar, I also saw a sea of dark bobbing heads unlit by cellphone brightness.

What did I see when I wasn't trying to capture every silhouette of the band carefully created by the lighting techs? It was people of all ages genuinely enjoying the music.

I'm not one take pictures during an entire concert as it is, so what a relief to keep my phone tucked away for a sold-out show.


The first beach day of summer (May 17). A little bit of sun has really helped bring up my spirits.

Brighton Beach is a gem.